The pool season is a short one. We get it. our policy is to respond to calls & requests within 24 hours in season. We are happy to work with pool professionals & subcontract on your behalf to help with our specialty services.  

Cherry Pool Finishes 
Our focus is renewing, updating & refreshing pools. Backyard spaces are a big investment & require updating from time to time. We specialize in Eco Finish polyfibro high performance thermoplastic pool coatings, liner replacements & auto cover installs.

Why us?

We know pools. Our background is in all aspects of the pool industry. We are trusted professionals who have worked with pools since 2001. In order to do a job properly you need to know your product. We are trained & certified in the installation of Eco Finish pool coatings, Cover Pools Automatic covers & vinyl liner replacement.  

Our Process

Bringing Innovation to the Surface